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Commercial name Company Type (Legal Form) RCCM / Commercial Registration ….. Date RCCM (en) Download
HANA MOSTAFA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00056 03-07-2024
SCOOP POUR LE DÉVELOPPEMENT COMMUNAUTAIRE ET D'ACTIVITÉ GÉNÉRATRICE DE REVENU Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2024.C11.00024 27-06-2024
AL-HOUDA MULTISERVICES SARL Limited Liability Company KM.NWA.01.2024.B12.00054 03-07-2024
MAGASIN BYASMA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00053 20-06-2024
SOCIETE COOPERATIVE WOUHONI BARAKA Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2024.C10.00023 20-06-2024
AKADYMIUWN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00052 12-06-2024
SOCIETE MBARAKA FILS Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00051 01-06-2024
SCOOPS OUMODJA WA KELI Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2024.C10.00021 27-05-2024
SOFA HUILE AROMATERAPIE BIO-SARL Limited Liability Company KM.NWA.01.2024.B12.00050 25-05-2024
EPICERIE SIDRAT Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00049 25-05-2024
MAGASIN HALIDI FILS Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00048 25-05-2024
HELLO PRODUCTION SARLU Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00046 18-05-2024
MAGASIN NADHIROU FILS Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00047 20-05-2024
UNIVERS DE PAIN SARL Limited Liability Company KM.NWA.01.2024.B12.00045 18-05-2024
EPICERIE TAMRIA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00044 16-05-2024
SCOOPS.BON PROVENDE YA SWAFIHA Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2024.C10.00020 20-05-2024
NASSIATI THABITI Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00043 14-05-2024
MAGASIN ANLI DJAENFFAR Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00042 14-05-2024
HIKMAH FRANCHISE Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00041 24-04-2024
MAGASIN ELNASS Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00040 22-04-2024
MAGASIN NOUR K Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00039 22-04-2024
MAGASIN FILLE CHAMI Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00038 22-04-2024
HAZI NDJEMA-MIREMANI Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2024.C11.00022 01-06-2024
ALMUSTAPHA BUSINESS Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00037 16-04-2024
MOINONA Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2024.C10.00019 26-03-2024
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