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Commercial name Company Type (Legal Form) RCCM / Commercial Registration ….. Date RCCM (en) Download
MOINONA Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2024.C10.00019 26-03-2024
DAMA'S SHOPS Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00036 26-03-2024
AGRI MBABANI Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2024.C10.00018 23-03-2024
EPICERIE SOIEL Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00035 13-03-2024
GEOBUILDER- COMORES SARL Limited Liability Company KM.NWA.01.2024.B12.00031 04-03-2024
KANANOTE Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00030 04-03-2024
MAGASIN BADRIA SHOP Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00033 04-03-2024
MAGASIN IDRISSI SIRY Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00032 04-03-2024
EPICERIE LADHATI Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00029 26-02-2024
EPICERIE AHAMADA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00028 26-02-2024
PECHEURS DE POULPE DE HAMAVOUNA MOHELI Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2024.C11.00016 20-02-2024
MIFOUNI POISSON NDJEMA Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2024.C10.00015 20-02-2024
WOUBAHAZAZI WA HAIRI Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2024.C11.00014 20-02-2024
COOPERATIVE BARAKA NDJEMA Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2024.C11.00017 20-02-2024
SARDINE DE KANGANI Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2024.C11.00013 20-02-2024
MAHOUDZA MFI DJEMA Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2024.C10.00012 17-02-2024
FIDEL DE BANDAR SALAMA Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2024.C11.00011 16-02-2024
DELICE WILKAFELMA Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00026 16-02-2024
EPICERIE MA ANTOYA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.A10 11-03-2024
MAGASIN HIDJRA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00024 15-02-2024
MOHELIA FRESH Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00023 15-02-2024
PEPINIERIE DES ILES Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00022 15-02-2024
AMINA FAMILY MULTISERVICE Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00027 26-02-2024
CHIREWO TAYARI Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2024.B15.00021 15-02-2024
EPICERIE FATOUMA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2024.A10.00020 14-02-2024
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