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Commercial name Company Type (Legal Form) RCCM / Commercial Registration ….. Date RCCM (en) Download
MAGASIN FILS CHAHARMANE Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00078 24-11-2023
EGYPT COMORES BUSINESS Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2023.B15.00077 14-11-2023
MASOGNO MEMA DE DRODRONI Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2023.C11.00030 06-11-2023
LIQUI MOLY COMORES BY PLUMERIA-SARL Limited Liability Company KM.NWA.01.2023.B12.00076 06-11-2023
UNION DES COOPÉRATIVES DES PÊCHEURS DE MOHELI Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2023.C10.00029 30-10-2023
FORTUNE ONE UNIVERSAL Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00075 31-10-2023
MAGASIN "LA FRANCE" Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00074 07-10-2023
PECHEURS DE HAMAVOUNA MOHELI Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2023.C11.00028 17-10-2023
KHAIR-LBARAKA Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2023.C10.00026 07-10-2023
BOUTIQUE MAMAN NAZDA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00073 07-10-2023
BWELAMAGARANDO Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2023.C11.00025 30-09-2023
BOUTIQUE MADAOUD Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00072 30-09-2023
FAHADE ATTOUMANE YOUNOUSSA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00071 25-09-2023
MAGASIN SBS ALPHA TOUS Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00070 25-09-2023
EPICERIE NIKO Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00069 22-09-2023
DJITAMKE Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2023.C11.00027 17-10-2023
SCOOPS-SARIHAZ TRANSIT Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2023.C10.00024 25-09-2023
ECO-CUISINE MOHELI-SARLU Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2023.B15.00068 09-09-2023
MAANDINI YA BARAKA Simplified Cooperative Society KM.NWA.02.2023.C10.00023 07-09-2023
HASSANI BACAR MAECHA EXPERTISE Privately-man responsibility KM.NWA.01.2023.B15.00067 04-09-2023
LA DINDE DE FAZHADSTI-SARL Limited Liability Company KM.NWA.01.2023.B12.00066 30-08-2023
DES JEUNES COUTURIERES DE BANGOMA Cooperative companies with Board of Directors KM.NWA.02.2023.C11.00021 24-08-2023
MAGASIN DEWA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00065 24-08-2023
MEDINA BOUCHERI Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00064 24-08-2023
MAGASIN FOURAHA Individual company KM.NWA.01.2023.A10.00062 18-08-2023
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